Golden Guide To Families Of Birds

The first edition of Families Of Birds has the letters ABCDEFG on page 200. Copyright © 1971 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Published by Golden Press, New York, N.Y. Cover price is $1.95. The number on the spine is 24015. On the title page and back cover this book is listed as a Golden Science Guide.

The only cover change to Families Of Birds is shown next. Still dated 1971. My copy has the letter G on page 200. I have two different versions of a G printing. One with a cover price of $1.95. And one with no cover price. Now listed as A Golden Guide on the cover and a Golden Science Guide on the inside front cover. ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-24015-0.

This title also exists in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. The number on the back cover is 0-307-63539-2. The Golden Science Guide logo is on the front cover. It is not present on the softcover. (image #1)

The only revised edition is the Golden Field Guide. Out of print.

Families Of Birds Golden Guide Families Of Birds Golden Guide